Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Midea 2.5 ton Heat pumps, installed

Midea Phoenix, Innovative Air

 And NO, we did NOT seal those roof curbs. Lazy roofers did.
Midea 2.5 ton package unit


Honeywell Pro Stat


Cracked combustion chamber and more

Cracked heat exchanger
 This is something MOST people think Doesnt happen in Phoenix. But, it does..... Cracks like this lead to DEATH.....
Cracked combustion chamber

Ring Flood light


Goodman swap

Customer supplied condenser, swapping out.

Pioneer Mini Split Install

Wall air handler


Trane replacement

Yeah we are a bit late updating our blog here!  Replaced this one out on Sept 30th over in Phoenix/Glendale area. If you haven'...