Friday, March 15, 2019

Installing a Nest Door Lock, Like a Pro

Step by step.....

Step 1:
  • Unpack Nest door lock.
  • Remove old dead bolt
  • Remove bolt drive.
Step 2:
  • Install Nest Bolt Drive.
  • Install keypad from front
  • Install rear mount
  • Use the long black screws (Most applications)
  • Connect rear mechanism, connect wire with marked side outwards.
  • Use two small back screws to mount to rear base.
  • Test manually, lock and unlock with door shut.

Step 3:
  • Install the 4 AA batteries.
  • Set master code 9999 ( Make a temp code) you'll change later.
  • Let test of bolt lock and unlock take place with the door open.
  • Shut door from outside, click the yale logo to lock.
  • Then click the yale logo, enter temp code 9999 and unlock.
  • If the bolt wont engage fully into wall, expand frame hole out more/test alignment.

Step 4:
  • Set up the nest connect.
  • Scan on customers phone/nest app.
  • Make sure the phone is on the SAME network as the one connecting the nest Connect too.
  • Once set up, click add another product, scan the code on the back of the door lock.
  • Push and hold the privacy button (plastic button on read of nest)
  • Nest lady will say ready to add to app. Continue with the nest app install.
  • Set new code, test lock in app. That's it!

Nest Yale Doorlock

Friday, March 1, 2019

Note to the HVAC commission employees

Whats the note to the HVAC tech that works for 33.5% commission of service ticket...?

If you're working for commission, maybe its time to go and get a real job.

I love customers, they help pay my bills and I provide a service. Its a nice relationship. That is the same attitude all HVAC related service used to have years ago

What I've seen for so many years is how the HVAC business corps and LLC's love to hire a gaggle of techs that really correlate to sales people, why tho? Because they ARE commission HVAC sales techs and in some cases, not even techs, just scammers and hackers.

Here is one I come across today.....

  • Customer has issues with their Nest thermostat.
  • NEST thermostat worked, fine yesterday.
  • HVAC company came out the day it worked.
  • HVAC company installed TWO UV air cleaners.
  • HVAC company wired in said air cleaners to HVAC control circuit.
  • NEST stopped working.
  • Blamed bad wires, bad circuit boards, bad NEST....

Guess what the HVAC company whom installed the UV cleaners didn't do?
They didn't Disconnect and or blame the Air cleaner........

$3,000 for two air cleaners..... and "Service"........
Customer didn't need two UV air cleaners. That's another story as to why...

As soon as those UV air cleaners were disconnected, miraculously the NEST worked great...
Again... The NEST then worked GREAT.
You would think the HVAC company that was out could have thought it was the Air cleaners, wired into the low voltage control circuit causing the issue.... Nope, tech would have lost his COMMISSION!!!

Its a plague, HVAC up selling is a big problem.

-Homeowners, I always say.. Get second opinion and ask the tech if he works for a monetary commission.

-Techs, quit ripping customers OFF.
-Techs, not smart to wire up multiple low voltage ADD-ons for benefit of your WALLET.
You should know better, it causes issues.

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