Saturday, August 10, 2019

New Thermostats

Some New thermostats for Google Nest we put in, Don't forget were one of Nests few elite installers for Arizona!! 

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New Hvac Unit Install

Hey everyone check out the new Trane install we did this week on the 8th. Best part, took less than 3 hours to get up and running and get a new Nest thermostat hooked up for them! 

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Websites are & 

Old unit

New Trane

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Multiple Nest product installs Gilbert Arizona

Here's a look into another nest install we had over the last few weeks!
As you can see our information will show under the Pro settings of your thermostat if you ever have questions! 
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New Google Nest thermostats!

Some New Nest 3rd Gen thermostats we put in for a awesome customer.
Don't worry, we do help with syncing to the Nest app and showing the ropes to new customers on how to get the best out of their Nest products. 
We also will boost the thermostats warranty from 3-5 years(varies on which thermostat you have)

Did a new condenser for another amazing customer in Scottsdale on the 31st!
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Trane replacement

Yeah we are a bit late updating our blog here!  Replaced this one out on Sept 30th over in Phoenix/Glendale area. If you haven'...