Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Nest products and your home

Over the last many years, I've been installing and promoting Nest Labs products to all of my air conditioning customers, friends and family as well as random strangers in stores. I always knew there was a reason why the product interested me so much to the point that I was basically selling this product like one would tout a new Iphone but, these days more so I know with hardcore evidence that the Nest product is the best in the industry. NEST is a must have name for every single home and business out there and NEST is still pioneering to make my statement a reality to everyone who reads this.

Let me give you a little history, I'm an HVAC professional for over 30 years. If there is one product out there I had to recommend to everyone who owns a home or a business, rents an apartment or a home or to professionals who manage a facility, office or a business, the NEST thermostat would be THE product that everyone should be in command of.

Take it from me, I want to provide and promote products with reputation, reliability and ABILITY!!
The NEST thermostat gets a bad rap out there on the internet by some consumers, gets trash talked by many HVAC professionals and pitted against so many other products that are truly inferior to the NEST thermostat.

((Nest WiFi Thermostat))

Now, let me just give you the one MAIN reason this is the best addition to any facility and HVAC system. All homes, offices and business's have Air conditioning and cooling systems, your objective is to spend as least money as possible with the costs involved in using an HVAC system. The NEST thermostat is the ticket to ride in saving money.

First off, the NEST thermostat will PAY for itself super fast. Take the cost of the stat, deduct about $8-$15 a month( On average ) Apply any rebates that your electric company gives you for upgrading to a NEST and you essentially have a product that pays for or almost pays for itself in one YEAR. If it doesn't pay for itself in one year, it sure will in the next 6 months.

Second, you can control your HVAC from anywhere!!! From your phone, tablet, or computer.
This is great for people who constantly forget to adjust their HVAC set points or who like to change temp frequently. It makes things convenient, I could give you 10 more instances a remote controlled thermostat will be beneficial to you but, you can imagine how it will make your life easier.

The technology and the support, the research and quality within this thermostat is simple amazing. It is the absolute best and there isn't one company out there who can really compete with a NEST.

Why do NEST thermostats get a bad name in some cases?
There are a handful of excuses as to why a NEST is NOT a good product or not better than the competition. (There is no competition and NEST IS NEVER NOT A GOOD product)

-Improper installation.
Homeowners are not expected to know how to install a thermostat. I can understand this, there are so many different types of HVAC system configurations that its really tough to swap a thermostat if you don't know what your dealing with. Sometimes a swap is cut and dry and most the time it is not so cut and dry. I deal with 20 thermostats a week that are improperly installed. This will give any product a bad name. Nest support try's their best to help out consumers attempting a self install and in most cases succeed in assisting. An improper install will make anyone want to rip their hair out.

-Inexperienced Install professionals
I deal with an additional 10-15 thermostats a week improperly installed by Professionals. Not all HVAC techs are created equally. Most of the time, they are just unfamiliar with the product. Other times, they are just not real HVAC techs. It's best to have a NEST pro install one of these thermostats.

-OLD timers/ OLD School HVAC'rs.
No offense to them, they are just stuck in the stone age and rarely ever recommend cutting edge technology by any means. and other times they are just not up with the times. I will admit, the HVAC industry changes yearly and the technology with it does too, its hard for some to keep up and or they just don't encounter new tech as often as some.

-System issues, compatibility conflicts and equipment conflict.
Sometimes a nest thermostat will act erratically, causing alarm to the installer, the consumer who has just installed the NEST and to the user whos NEST thermostat has been working  "Just fine". 99% of the time most issues that arise can be taken care of by a nest pro or by a NEST PRO who is also an HVAC professional.

Sometimes, systems are controller based systems and the NEST will not work. Tough to tell unless your an HVAC professional. Some scenarios seem controller based and you'll think the NEST thermostat will not be compatible but, secretly hiding inside your HVAC equipment are adjustments that can be made by a simple RE-Wire of the thermostat wires that allows a NEST thermostat to become a perfect fit.

And now for the least obvious, your HVAC system has problems. VERY OFTEN, customers install a NEST thermostat or have one pro installed and they discover their HVAC system has had issues all along. The older thermostats are not smart, The NEST thermostat is and the NEST thermostat will give errors codes and actually do something smart like stop your HVAC from running due to issues you were unaware of. Naturally, the consumer and HVAC professionals will often blame the NEST.

Here is a fast example of how a nest is not the problem....
John the awesome Consumer buys a nest, installs it, it starts heating his house in the dead of winter then all the sudden STOPS after 3 minutes of blowing out some heat. Whats really happening here is that the heating system is overheating and shutting off until it cools down or is locking out on the control due to overheating. The nest try's again after a delayed mode notification and the same result occurs. Almost everyone will blame their new Nest thermostat but, the real culprit is the HVAC system.

See, your old crummy thermostat wasn't smart enough to do what a NEST does.
Errors would occur on your system, the system would just keep resetting itself, it goes unnoticed to you because the old thermostat wouldn't give you a notification of a problem. So you never noticed the issue thus thinking your system always worked fine. I have had many customers say this and the truth of the matter was a faulty system due to lack of airflow, dirty filters, dirty coils and dirty condensers and in some cases bad blowers and low refrigerant charges due to leaks.

In wrapping up....
My point with all of this is simple, the NEST is smart and worth the money. It self learns a program for you, you don't have to fiddle around setting up days and times, the nest stat does it for you. You can set up a schedule on your own with the NEST and its 1000 times easier than any of the older stats out there. The technology and software inside the Nest thermostat is constantly updating. The nest thermostat works with just about any other smart hub or device out there "" Alexa, set AC to 75" How cool is that?

I am an HVAC professional and A NEST PRO ELITE. I install these thermostats and support them for a reason, its my business but more importantly it is the absolute coolest product out there, it saves you MONEY and really makes things easier for you. The NEST SAVES energy, saves you money, saves the environment (if that is something you want to do)

Why pay an HVAC professional $300-$450 for a thermostat that makes no sense? Get a NEST instead. The NEST thermostat is the only product that will put YOU in touch with your HVAC system. You'll be more aware of when your AC or heating is NOT working. This product is a flagship, get one installed and put yourself in a position that makes you aware. Don't get up-sold by slimy HVAC professionals trying to build a higher service ticket. The NEST thermostat is way smarter than you think or appears.

A lot of HVAC pros out there Don't like the NEST because you as a consumer have the ability to buy a product that HVAC pros wont stock on a truck due to its cost and inability to mark up costs on by 300%. Innovative Air is a NEST pro elite and a no games HVAC company.

Stay tuned... I will be entering some more info to come on all of NEST products and how they are revolutionary and will make your life more easier, save you money, give you piece of mind and make your home fun and smart.

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